Active vs Passive Timer

Gotta love Dan Kennedy.  After being gone for a few days last week, I sat down this morning to go through the mail.  I saved my GKIC newsletter for last.  Dan ends his New Year’s editorial with the following:

“This year’s race has already begun.  It’ll be over in record time.  There’s no time to waste.  There is need for purposed haste.  You are either Do-ing or Don’t-ing every minute.  Fighting each day for your agenda or surrendering to someone else’s.  Bending people and circumstances to your will or succumbing to theirs.  By your results we see your resolve”

What Dan describes as Do-ing or Don’t-ing is exactly what I was talking to a group of Jr. High kids at our church’s youth group last week, in relation to being Active vs Passive about life.Active vs Passive Timer

So much of life is passing us by as we passively watch and mutter in amazement about all the things happening around us, that we wish were different.  When if we are honest with ourselves, we realize that it’s “our own darn fault”.

The thing about the battle between being Active or Passive in our daily lives, is it’s a minute by minute battle as Dan describes.  Forget about useless resolutions.  What safeguards and boundaries do you need to put into place immediately just to start to take back control the areas in life and business that have gotten away from you.

I use a timer on my desk, and I have found that setting it at 25-30 minute intervals is a good starting point to purposefully work on ONE thing with no interruptions during that time.  That means no emails, texting, phone calls, surfing the web!   When I do this, I can get more done in three or four 25 minute sessions, than I would typically get done in a day.