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When my husband and I opened up our small BBQ business in Tempe, Arizona we were approached by numerous vendors. There was only one honest, dedicated and caring vendor – Jim Howey with SBD Council.  Jim took the time to research our business and went OVER and BEYOND by offering small business advise, mentoring, start-up marketing supplies as well as referrals!
Carla Proby, Owner, Big Bellys BBQ

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The Problem with Blame

The Problem with Blame

I have very few Pet Peeves, but one of them is “BLAME”. Why? I see it every day, and it’s never productive.  Instead, it’s counter-productive. That’s true whether it’s in...

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Sample Video Image

Animated Video Sample

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Marketplace chatter

The Blurry Lines of Advertising vs Marketing

Many people don’t know the difference between sales and marketing. Even fewer can distinguish between Advertising and Marketing. Yet those distinctions are important, because they make a difference between wasted...

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Business Analysis

Taking Big Risks in a Quickly Changing Marketplace

Every business faces critical decisions that will determine the long term fate of their venture. See how one company is banking on giving away their product, in exchange for something else.

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Active vs Passive Timer

Do-ing or Don’t-ing

Gotta love Dan Kennedy.  After being gone for a few days last week, I sat down this morning to go through the mail.  I saved my GKIC newsletter for last. ...

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SBD Council-Building Scalable Business

Is Your Business Scalable?

I wrote a report at the end of 2010 titled 11 Strategies to Grow Your Business in 2011. If you haven’t read that report, be sure to go to our...

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Tactical Marketing Strategies

Tactical Marketing Tip #102

Tell your prospects the most over-looked benefits or features of your product that most people miss. For example: – A feature that wasn’t originally listed on the e-mail advertisement or...

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